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Palash incense house, a company specializing in Incense Sticks and Dhoop sticks manufacturing was started on 13th August, 1994. In a very short span of time, this nascent company has established itself as a well-known and reputed brand of incense makers in India. The company made a humble beginning from a mere 100 sq.ft walled space with very limited resources and a handful of workers. It is the determination, hardwork and vision of its Founder and managers that has turned Palash Incense House into a multi-crore business house.

One of the fastest growing agarbatti brands in India; PIH is always at the frontiers of innovation and creation of splendid smelling agarbattis. Palash Incense House is heading to success under the dynamic leadership of its energetic entrepreneur, Mr. Nirmal Goyal, who is lucky enough to have equally capable and young counterpart in the form of his brother, Mr. Chandraprakash Goyal, who cherish the same vision, share responsibilities equally and work shoulder to shoulder for the growth of their dream endeavor.

Commencing its operations from the garage of the house, today PIH owns a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Indore that has hundreds of skilled workforce on rolls. No footwear is allowed in the production unit and the complete processing is undertaken in a neat and clean environment, keeping the sentiments of the consumers in mind. The company creates and supplies incense sticks of world class quality that are way ahead of their competitors in terms of quality, fragrance and lasting ability.

PIH has a strong network of more than 1500 dealers and huge marketing team across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, effectively covering all major parts of the country. PIH is now poised for major expansion. The company is soon going to reach all the areas in the country and will also be increasing its international presence day by day. This doesn’t seem to be a farfetched dream. The group’s huge and sophisticated current setup itself holds the capacity to fulfill the expansion needs.

The company has modern Research and Development units in which new fragrances are concocted day after day. Ground breaking fragrances such as Feelings and Asli Mogra were created in these same labs. With the use of sophisticated machinery and high quality perfumes and chemicals, the company is researching on new fragrances with vigour. Multi-functional and diverse, these sticks can be used during prayers, yoga, meditation and for making your environment pleasant and aromatic.

The company now has around 450+ brands across incense sticks, dhoop sticks, Masala sticks and Cone. PIH has a wide array of dealer network consisting of numerous Sales officers and Sales representatives in every state offering seamless retailing and marketing services.




Asli Mogra


Mere sai

Feelings 3 in 1

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The young and energetic founder and entrepreneur who through his consistent hard work and innovation has scaled the heights of Incense Sticks manufacturing.



The backbone of the organization, is the head of the marketing department who has made it possible for PIH to reach every nook and corner of the country through his inventive marketing abilities and a perceptive personality.



She is the powerful and young manager of the company who with her dynamic management and sharp R&D skills keeps PIH always ahead of its competition.



The charisma and dynamism of this young manager, who has the major responsibility of Sales and Marketing, has always ensured the smooth flow of operations in the organization.