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The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promise to keep. To have the guts to view the world from a parapet out of your comfortable home, to dive into unexplored seas to find pearls, to be able to look forward and march ahead, when all others are still struggling to even walk. That is the story of every successful enterprise. And enterprise that takes up every opportunity as a challenge and overcomes it, that is that palash incense house intends to be.


PIH is eagerly awaiting to take upon the new opportunities thrown open in front of it. After the heartening response received in the country, the company is now all set to start exporting as well, particularly to Middle & Far East as well as other important countries. Keeping the trend in mind, tastes and choices of people, PIH has been regularly coming up with new fragrances in the last few years. Thu, with a strong support of R&D department as well as acute awareness of the demand in the market, PIH is confident of success in the international market in the future.